Coffeebay is a small village situated on the Wild Coast of South Africa, in between Durban and East London. From the N2 Mthatha you will reach Coffeebay in a 1,5 hour drive over a scenic route, passing green rolling hills and the Transkei Big Five. It’s one of the places where culture still exists. Where people still live in traditional round huts, cooking from the fire and living of the land. Where animals still roam around freely. The land is ruled by traditional leaders and the language spoken here is Xhosa. Learning the ‘clicking’ language of the Xhosa people will help you get around and get in touch with the real people. Coffeebay has a stunning untouched coastline, with beautiful indigenous trees. It’s famous for fresh seafood straight from the sea, brought in by local fishermen and women.

Come discover this beautiful piece of land in South Africa!


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