Name: Silas Khalipha

Age: 28

Profession: Qualified tourist guide

Favorite Food: Pap & Fresh Crayfish

Favorite Quote: Without the roots, there is no fruit.

Silas was born and raised in the community of Coffee Bay. While attending Coffee Bay Junior Secondary school during weekdays, he spent the weekends  meeting up with tourists that were among the first discovering the Coffee Bay area. Soon his social qualities and knowledge about traditional Xhosa culture got recognised by the Backpackers and he has been providing his tourist guiding services to them ever since. Silas is now working as an independent guide and can be booked any time.

Silas is the perfect linkage between the Village and the Hostels and Lodges around Coffee Bay. Using a local guide with inside knowledge about Coffeebay and the area will definately enlighten your Wildcoast experience!