rondavel |?ränd??vel|

nounS. African

a traditional circular African dwelling with a conical thatched roof.

• a building based on the design of such a dwelling, used as a guest room, storeroom, or vacation cottage.

ORIGIN from Afrikaans rondawel .

During a hut sleepover you spend a night (or more) with a local Xhosa family. You sleep in a rondavel, the round traditional huts where the local families live. During the day you can join the children on their way back home from school and maybe help them out with their homework! Afterwards you can help prepare dinner for the family and learn how to cook traditional Xhosa style. Learn how to make mud bricks out of cow dung and mud (optional), work in the garden or cook on the fire outside. If you don’t feel like doing anything you can ofcourse also just relax and sit back, enjoy the quietness of village life. Experience rural life and local hospitality!

Prices for a village hut sleepover are 250 rand per person per night, includes dinner and breakfast. All the money goes directly to the family where you stay!

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