The Hike to Hole in the Wall is the highlight for most visitors that come to Coffeebay. It is a 3 hour hike along the coast to the Hole in the Wall, a massive rock formation in the middle of the ocean, with, as the name indicates, a hole inside. On your way there you will pass different villages and sometimes cross rivers for beautiful scenic views. Along the coast we watch locals dive to catch crayfish and, if you are lucky, we can spot some dolphins and whales! It is one of the most beautiful hikes on the Wild Coast and suitable for little children to join as well.

The hike takes approximately three hours to get there in normal walking pace. It is advisable you wear proper hiking shoes or running shoes, as the trail will go up and down in some places. Don’t forget to bring fresh water and sunscreen! A lift back by car can be organized, or if you have not had enough, you can choose to walk back to Coffeebay.

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