This hike takes two days and will bring you all the way to the beautiful village of Bulungula.

On day one you first hike to Hole in the Wall which takes you three hours. From there you walk to the village of Lubanzi, an additional two hours of hiking. In Lubanzi you will sleep in the lodge ( Alternatively you can sleep with a family in the village.

On day two you hike from Lubanzi to Bulungula, which takes about 4-5 hours. In Bulungula you stay in the Bulungula Backpackers (

This is the perfect hike for those who like hiking along the unspoilt Wildcoast, but don’t want to spend days of hiking in a row. In just two days you can experience what hiking along the Wildcoast is about. If you prefer a longer hike, you can opt for the 4 or 5 day hike to Port St Johns.

Prices for the 2 day Bulungula hike are 250 rand per person a day, which excludes dinner and accommodation. We can book your accommodation for you, you pay at the lodge or pay the family where you stay directly. If you carry any heavy luggage which you don’t want to take with you on the trip, we can arrange for transport to take your luggage. Transport back from Bulungula or onwards to your next destination can be arranged at the lodge.