The Village Tour will bring you straight into the village around Coffeebay. The locals still live according to old Xhosa traditions and will be happy to give you an insight into their culture and way of living. Join Silas on this unforgettable experience ! The walk takes approximately two to three hours. You will visit a local family and see how they live, you will be able to join the mammas when they cook outside on the fire. This tour is especially nice for children since they will be able to play with the local kids. You will visit a traditional healer, a sangoma, and visit the Sacred Pools, pools in the forest that are used by Xhosa people for certain rituals.

The tour will end with a visit to the local shebeen (bar) where they make local beer from maize. Taste some of this delicious Umqombhoti!

This tour can easily be extended by adding a traditional lunch. The mammas will cook you some amazing traditional food!

Village tour departs daily at 10 o’ clock and/or 2 o’ clock, or at a different time for your convenience. If a traditional lunch is added the tour will take about four hours.

Prices for the Village Tour are 150 rand per person without lunch, and 200 rand per person including lunch. To book please send an email to or contact Silas directly on (0027)(0)739657125

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